Are you planning a wedding in Weston? Stay at the Benner House Bed and Breakfast!

Image     There is an excitement in the air…you’ve just gotten engaged, and now the planning begins.  As you stop and think about all of your options, take a moment to consider Weston, Missouri, and the Benner House Bed and Breakfast.  There is not a more beautiful setting than some of the outdoor locations in and around the Weston, Missouri area.  With its rolling hills, and lush green ambiance, Weston is a hidden jewel for wedding locations.  Less than an hour from Kansas City, Weston’s quintessential charm and serene beauty is a perfect atmosphere for the bride to be. 

     The Benner House Bed and Breakfast is located at the top of Main Street in Historic Weston, Missouri – a perfect location for the Bride and/or Groom’s family, their wedding party, or guests coming in from out of town.  When you need a cool place to take a breath, get a snack, or a drink, a good night’s sleep the night before the big event, consider staying at the Benner House Bed and Breakfast.  We will provide you with warmth, hospitality, and the BEST snacks and drinks, as well as my world famous, chocolate chip cookies. 🙂 for your busy day.  After your day’s excitement, come by and jump in a therapeutic hot-tub to relax away your tension, or jump in our heated in-ground pool with some of Weston’s more famous beverages from McCormicks. 🙂  And I don’t want to forget, also included in the price is a fresh, hot gourmet breakfast each morning that will keep you going through-out the day. 

   Not only does Weston provide the location for a charming stay at the Benner House, but is also home to excellent massage therapists ( caterers, florists, reception/rehearsal sites, and countless other options, which you can check out at

     We welcome you to stay at the Benner House and hope that the memories established here, will keep you coming back to where “Romance is always “Inn” style!”

Sheri Boatright-Guthrie, Owner

Benner House Bed and Breakfast – Innkeeping in the Midwest


     Welcome to my new blog site, at the Benner House Bed and breakfast in Weston, Missouri.  I truly enjoy seeing new people everyday, cooking, coming up with new ideas, and sharing as many ideas as I can with those of you who like to read about idealistic entrepreneurs. 🙂  In my posts I plan to write a little more in detail about innkeeping in the Midwest, and also share some stories that might help others take the plunge as I did in becoming B&B owner.  As a person who might have had a job change, or took a detour on the way to their future, every person that I’ve met as an innkeeper has a fascinating story to tell.

     I think the one truly most important aspect needed to start a career as an innkeeper, is education in marketing.  Before anyone can get to your prospective inn to try out your world famous food, or your “just-like-grandma’s” hospitality, they have to find you first.

     In this recession (and we are still in a recession), I discovered early in the game how marketing can affect everything.  As things have changed, and advertising dollars are being spent more wisely (at least for those of us who learned to budget and survive), the key is to get more for your money. The internet has been a beacon of hope for those of us that are the peons of small business.  Google and Facebook are two very good places to start.  They are free, and offer place pages for you to post pertinent information, location, pictures, videos, and it’s all free.   Free.  You will learn to like free stuff.

     Another important factor that is at the very top of my list is Customer service.  No matter who comes in my front door, I want to make them feel special and feel at home.  I hope that the service and respect they receive from me is better than anywhere else.   Everyone is different, and each person who walks in the door is coming from a stressful place.  It could be good stress, or bad stress, but nonetheless, they are coming to me to relax, and take their minds off their life for a little while.  When they are making their reservation, I’ve found it is always helpful to refer them to the local professional massage therapists.  After a while, if you learn how to talk to people — daily — you can get a sense of their stress level as soon as they walk in the door.  This is also helpful.   

     As I close this post, I often think back to a certain high school civics teacher, (a coach), who asked us about what our plans were for the future.  When he got around to me I asked, “How do you know what direction you’re going to take until you’ve already gotten to where you’re going?”   He didn’t reply but looked at me like I was nuts.  Not everyone’s choice in life takes them to where they think it will.  So which direction are you going…all I can say is….standing up, with both feet on the ground.  🙂


Living in Weston, Missouri

Being an innkeeper is a labor of love.  As I learn more about blogging; jumping into the world of blogging with both feet, not sure of where this path is going, I hope to learn more from others as time goes on.  I see more and have learned to love more about this job everyday. 

It’s working for myself, managing my time; and realizing that being my own boss is more time consuming that working for someone else.  I push myself harder than any employer EVER did.  I realize I get less sleep and I always seem to be cooking and looking for the right ingredient – driving all over town until I find it.  I could go on about that – but I like food.  Good food makes people feel good.  I like watching others talk over a good meal with a hot cup of coffee and time on their hands. 

Everyone needs a break.  This is the only town where on a quiet day, sitting in the rocking chair on my porch, you can hear the leaves fall.  They are a pretty color this time of year, and it seems they fall in anticipation of the first snowfall of the year.  I don’t think it’s going to be a harsh winter, although as I research the internet, I am seeing sites that claim this winter will be a cold and snowy one.  The wooly worms aren’t as black as they were last year.  Some say that’s a good sign.  The squirrels aren’t active yet, although I have seem them start gathering nuts as we are now in November. 

I love Weston and its quiet charm.  It’s a great place to sit and relax, reflect and recharge.